Halloween Potluck – Monday, October 31, 2016!

Our annual Halloween Potluck is just around the corner!  Students are reminded to complete the sign up list (outside Sandra’s Room) as to what they intend to bring for the potluck (appetizer, salads, main course, dessert).  Due to dietary and allergy concerns, please include a card indicating the ingredients in your dish.  Provide a serving spoon, if necessary, and label your name on any personal dishware/containers.  Also, please your own bring re-usable plates, cups and utensils as these will not be provided by the school.

The first class of the day will run as regularly scheduled.  The remainder of the classes will be cancelled for our Halloween festivities which include our annual costume parade (make sure you dress up!!!) and potluck.  Students will be dismissed after lunch and cleanup around 1:00-1:30pm.

Reminders for Parents

Notes to Parents

Parents are reminded to call Lu in the school office (604-713-5842) each day your child is absent from school.  Each teacher may also ask for a absence note for their records.  Also, please be reminded that the office is unable to relay messages to your child, particularly during lunch hour, unless it is a serious emergency.  We do not have the staffing to draw away from the office under non-emergency circumstances.  Please contact your child via cell phone or other method instead.

Please be reminded that there is to be NO STUDENT DROP OFF in Staff Parking lot at Ideal.  Thank you for respecting the school grounds and the safety of our staff and students.